Mat Ripley kindly provided a code generator for nearly every application Yadabyte published. The reason for this step is because Yadabyte "can't afford to do the work that would make them freeware" (Mat).
That means that following programs can now be considered as freeware for all platforms:

- TomeRaider 3
- TomeRaider 2
- NewsRaider
- ProLock
- ProDoctor
- Pro Word
- Profile Utilities
- Monopondo
- 22
- Tempest, Squizzle, PenPad

All those programs are still downloadable from http://yadabyte.com/
The original CodeGen-Link is was at http://testing.yadabyte.com/CodeGen.zip

Click on "Register DLL.bat" (run as Administrator!). It will register CodeMailerDLL.dll for your system. Now you can start CodeGenUI.exe.
Enter your username / E-Mail / TomeKey (whatever is provided by your application) in the text field on top.
Press one of the buttons. There you go :-)

Many thanks to Mat Ripley for making this happen!
Also make sure to visit his Twitter page at http://twitter.com/matripley :-)

- Jonas Bark (contact)

Download (56 kb)